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New park at Ninoofsepoort: no tramway passing through

wednesday -
Kabinet Smet

There will be no trams passing through the new park at Porte de Ninove (contrary to the original plans). Instead, the trams will pass alongside the park. Brussels Minister for Mobility Pascal Smet and minister-president Rudi Vervoort have decided so. Minister Smet applied for a change permit, a “light” procedure that will not cause any delays.

According to the town planning permit (issued in October 2014) for this long-awaited urban regeneration project, a tramway would cut through the new park. At the time minister Smet promised that he would investigate, together with the minister-president, the possibility to keep the trams out of the park (as was asked for by the local residents). It now appears to be perfectly possible to construct the tram rails alongside the park. Hence, Smet initiated the procedure to change the plans accordingly.

Such minor modifications do not require a new town planning permit; a simple change permit will do. This means that the adjustments will not delay the works.

At the end of January 2015 minister Smet and his colleague Céline Frémault, in charge for the construction of the park, will organize an information gathering for the local residents. They will explain how citizens can participate and voice their opinion on the lay-out of the park.