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  • Brussels is to be enjoyed by tram, on foot, by bike, ... while meeting other people. This calls for public transport and spatial planning that strike a balance between meeting others and just passing by.


Increased cooperation to maximise the number of satisfied MIVB/STIB travellers

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After three years status quo the overall customer satisfaction of the MIVB/STIB travellers is on the rise in 2014. 70% of the travellers give the MIVB/STIB a score between 7 and 10. ‘The investments made by the Region are paying off’, says Brussels minister of Mobility Pascal Smet. ‘The travellers are more pleased than the previous years regarding the comfort, the connections and the frequency of busses, trams and metros. This is good news, now we have to join forces to make the results even better.'

With 6,8 out of 10, the MIVB/STIB achieves the best result ever. In 2014, the Brussels transportation company put namely 172 new busses into service, which account for 20% more capacity. Bigger trams have been added on lines 4,7 and 92. The frequencies improved on several lines during the offpeak hours, in the evening and during the weekend. Finally, the cleaning budget went up by 20% and the efforts around customer friendliness can namely be felt in a new repartition of the workers on the field who provide information and are in charge of security.

The Minister Pascal Smet is happy with the results of the client satisfaction survey. ‘For the Brussels Region the quality of life in the city is the number one priority. The MIVB/STIB works on it everyday’, he says. ‘Satisfied travellers are travellers who will take public transport more often. The more people there are who are taking public transport, the less cars will be driving around. The less cars there are, the more pleasant the city will become for everyone because we can give the public space back to the walkers and the cyclists.'

For Smet the work does not stop here. He wants to keep on investing in a higher quality of life. ‘Contrary to the Flanders, in 2015 we are investing 40 millions euros extra in public transport and we are not increasing the fare prices for the users. We are also planning investments in Metro Bordet-Albert for instance and the works on tram 9 between Simonis and the University Hospital of Jette will be starting shortly,’ concludes Smet.