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  • Brussels is to be enjoyed by tram, on foot, by bike, ... while meeting other people. This calls for public transport and spatial planning that strike a balance between meeting others and just passing by.


Pascal Smet presents his plans for the Ninoofsepoort/Porte de Ninove

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BUUR / Arcadis Belgium

Pascal Smet, Brussels Minister for Public Works, spoke about his plans for the Ninoofsepoort/Porte de Ninove during an information meeting with the residents of this specific neighbourhood on January 29th. The railway tram will pass alongside the new park, without crossing it, as was envisaged in the original plans. Mr Smet obtained a change permit, a procedure without many formalities, so the adjustment will not cause any delays.

The major innovations that Pascal Smet introduced during the meeting:

  • the new railway tram will run alongside the new park
  • citizens will be able to participate in the organization of the parc
  • Smet currently exames how the site can be set up to allow for temporary activities to take place during the construction works for the parc

Click to see the presentation of the information meeting in French or Dutch

(c) simulation: BUUR / Arcadis Belgium

Presentation Ninoofsepoort/Porte de Ninove