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Brussels is slowly getting bitten by the laughing bug…

monday -

In a hilarious book from the bib (library) we discovered Kobe the laughing bug. Fortunately enough, Kobe is not dangerous. On the contrary: laughing is healthy and therefore it is important to spread the laughing virus among the population!

And that's exactly what the Brussels school children who took part in the Youth Book Week are going to do. First they are going to smile, snicker, chuckle, guffaw and yell in the library. And afterwards they will contaminate their brothers, sisters, parents, acquaintances and people on the street with their laugh.

Eager to know if the laughing epidemic will peak on 1 April…

The Youth Book Week, an initiative from the Reading Foundation, is starting mid-March, the Brussels edition already started early March and will be running till the 3 April.

For five weeks, the children from the Brussels schools are invited to the several public libraries to take part in an activity dedicated to the growing laughing epidemic. For the infants the libraries worked together with students from the infant education of the Erasmus high school in the framework of their narration boot camp.

The programme for primary and secondary education features narration performances, creative workshops and small theatre shows. Before or after the activity in the bib, the children receive a nice to-do act: make the others laugh with a self cut off and nicely decorated “smiley”.

It's worth knowing that the children can use the website independently: there are book tips, games, quiz questions, funny poems… There is also a readers test. And a nice photo competition where the actress Maaike Cafmeyer acts as a godmother. The Brussels Youth Book week is an initiative from the Brussels Dutch-speaking libraries with the support of the district-related library policy of the Flemish Community Commission. 

‘Humour is the perfect topic for a Youth Book Week,’ finds Pascal Smet. ‘We want to get children to read in a playful and positive manner. Strong stories penetrate your memory and will over time belong to your own story,’ asserts Pascal Smet. ‘Reading is therefore a nice way to enlarge your perception and to shape your personality.’