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New running track inaugurated in Jette

sunday -
Kabinet Smet

As from today, Brussels runners can train on a brand-new running track in Jette. Pascal Smet, within the Flemish Community Commission competent for sport, is glad that the track came into being thanks to the collaboration with the French Community Commission and several organizations, such as BLOSO and Brussels Environment. 'A pleasant city is a city where everyone has the room to practice sport', says Smet. 'From the FCC we are happy to contribute to his project, along with other partners.'

'Together with my colleague Fadila Laanan, competent within the French Community commission, we would like to cooperate more in the following years to improve and promote the sports infrastructure.' According to Smet, the launch of this new running track must be the kick-off of a more coherent policy on sport infrastructure for Brussels citizens.

The starting point of several routes is the Boudewijnpark/Parc Baudouin: depending on whether you go for the short (2.7 km) or the long (7.1 km) distance, the Dielegem and Laarbeekbos/Bois de Dieleghem et du Laerbeek are also included in the trail. During the festive opening the track was treaded upon by a few famous people and many running clubs attended the event: KWB Laken, Joggingsclub Ganshoren and Les Gazelles all sent a delegation of theirs.

The new running guide of the Flemish Community commission was also presented. Smet: 'In the running guide you will find a lot of tips to run the healthy and smart way. About underground and footwear, the types of foods recommended before running and the various ways to warm up and cool down. Together with an overview of handy app and motivating songs, running in the city becomes enjoyable again thanks to this guide. In combination with the website, it has never been that easy to find a training buddy to prepare for the 20 km of Brussels Marathon', concludes Smet.