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  • The city is a laboratory, a breeding ground for the future. Brussels needs to foster creativity and experimentation, providing spaces to play, practise sports and learn new skills.


Brussels Reads Aloud

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brussels reads aloud

All Dutch-speaking librariesorganise multilingual 'read-aloud' sessions during the 'read-aloud' week held in Brussels from 18 to29 November. 'During this week, we want to allow parents and their children to discover the rich diversity of Brussels in a playful and positive manner ', reports Pascal Smet who launched the 'read-aloud' week by introducing the bookVorrei Avere in the library of Schaarbeek.

Thanks to the multilingual 'read-aloud' session, the minister Smet wants to promote the reading aloud of books with children and their parents and at the same time to improve the knowledgeof Dutch as well as the langage spoken at home by the children. 'We want to create an openness for all languages and cultures which make our city so unique', says Smet. 'This way our libraries can also attracta newpublic.'

Brussels Reads Aloudis part of a project of public Dutch-speaking libraries working together with the VGC Council and the NPO Foyer that aims to increase the accessibility and openness of the functioning of libraries towards other cultures by raising awareness of the staff, non-native and disadvantaged parents and involving them more in the project, and by extending the multilingual and intercultural offer.