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Brussels Minister

  • The city is a laboratory, a breeding ground for the future. Brussels needs to foster creativity and experimentation, providing spaces to play, practise sports and learn new skills.


100% MERCI!

monday -
Kabinet Smet

100% MERCI to all volunteers for their engagement in OUR city !

They are 18 years old and dedicate themselves to our Brussels children every Sunday. Voluntarily. They are 30 years old and paint cycling paths spontaneously. Voluntarily. They are 40 years old and repair laptops in a repair café. Voluntarily. They are 50 years old and cook at holiday camps. Voluntarily. They are 60 years old and pay visits to the ninety-years olds in care centres. Voluntarily. They are 70 years old and help the parents with babies in a consultancy office. Voluntarily. Brussels citizens from Turkish origin commit themselves in homework classes, Brussels citizens from Congolese background are involved in amateur arts, Brussels citizens from Moroccan descent take an active part in parents' committees. Voluntarily. They are helping to build a viable Brussels. Because that's what they chose to do. Voluntarily. The volunteering week is starting today. I would like to thank all the Brussels volunteers for their commitment, day after day. Freely. Because they do it with their heart, and are paid with gratitude.