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Brussels Minister

  • The city is a laboratory, a breeding ground for the future. Brussels needs to foster creativity and experimentation, providing spaces to play, practise sports and learn new skills.

  • Our Brussels Region gives opportunities to children; it gives parents and children the possibility to take on their responsibilities. Our Brussels Region supports them to break away from poverty.

  • Brussels is to be enjoyed by tram, on foot, by bike, ... while meeting other people. This calls for public transport and spatial planning that strike a balance between meeting others and just passing by.

  • Well-designed public spaces contribute to a more livable city. Squares and parks should oxygenate Brussels.


New Office New Website

tuesday -
Andri Haflidason

We start the new year in new premises and with a brand-new website. From today on, we overlook the city we are working on. We are ready to start 2015!

You can find us on the 12th floor of the Zenith building on the Koning Albert II laan/boulevard Roi Albert 37.

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